Why Homework Is Important: Tips From A Professional

There are times when a student’s motivation to complete his or her homework assignment is challenged, resulting in questioning the importance of doing such work in the first place. This has been debated by educators and parents for several decades, but one simply has to hear these reasons from a professional to understand why these assignments are tremendously important:

Take home assignments reinforce skills and concepts learned in class.

The most obvious reason why educators continue to assign take home assignments and the biggest claim to its importance is that it helps the student reinforce the skills and lessons learned in class. With more practice students sharpen their abilities to take and apply the new information. Even if the work isn’t graded, the practice goes a long way in improving a student’s chances of success.

Homework helps a student prepare for the next day’s lessons.

One of the least known reasons for completing assignments each night is that it prepares a student for the next day’s lessons. Teachers attest to student’s being more attentive and responsive the day after completing a challenging assignment. As a result their class participation scores go up while they are able to grasp the new lessons more easily.

Homework teaches students how to take initiative in completing tasks.

The harder the assignment the more a student will have to take initiative in planning and setting time aside for completing each task. This is an important skill that crosses over into several areas of study and professional careers. A student that goes learns this step early in his or her life will have a greater chance of succeeding well beyond academic life.

Take home assignments prepares students to work independently.

Another reason take home assignments are important is because they encourage students to work independently each evening. Good study habits can be formed as early as when a child is in grade school. Being responsible to complete assignment tasks each night at a same time will turn develop into a positive habit that will follow the student around throughout his or her academic career and possibly even into his or her professional life.

Take home assignments allow parents to take an active role in kids’ education.

There have been several studies conducted showing that kids’ who have parents who participate in the learning process by attending school meetings and assisting them with assignments typically earn better grades and have an easier time academically. Parents should review assignments each night and help their kids develop effective plans for completing each required task.